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13.12. Do. | 20Uhr AK: 10.00 € VVK: 8.00 €

Coldwave & EBM aus Frankreich

Poison Point started as a one man-machine band in 2015, operated by Timothée Gainet. It features screaming synths hammered by a frantic drum machine, topped by Tim's echoed vocal to rule over the dance floor fog. The debut album “Motorpsychold” was released by the French label Third Coming Records in 2016, later on this year, Poison Point became a two piece band, joined by Arnaud Derochefort on keyboards, live drum machine and programming.

The band shared the stage with bands such as Drab Majesty (US), Marching Church (DK), Xeno & Oaklander (US), Die Selektion (GER), Inhalt (US), Pure Ground (US), Qual (UK), Rendez-Vous (FR), Adult (US)...

In 2017, the duo return with a throbbing vengeance and waste no time in forcing you to the blackened dance floor. The humming menace of a six string looms in the distance as Gainet’s vocal, aided by a pulsing synth laced backed beat drives “Imaginary Veil” straight to the hips. 

The duo signed in Spring 2018 on the German label Aufnahme + Wiedergabe to release their upcoming record, after two releaseson Third Coming Records.

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