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The Gribitch Brothers & Sisters

11.04. Sa. | 20:30Uhr EINLASS: 20UHR

GYPSY PUNK from Paris! Two Crazy Dolls, a Russian Robotic Drummer, a Dirty German Bass, a Balkan Guitar Heroe, Special Effects...

Creating bridges between the music of the Balkans, alternative rock and French chanson, The Gribitch could be a delicious blend of Bérurier Noir, Mano Negra, B52s and Rammstein who would have copulated during a journey in the Eastern countries, probably in a bath of potato spirit that had been forgotten in an old cauldron for several centuries. At the time of delivery, there would have been quintuplets: three boys and two girls who would have run away in a Renault Fuego towards France...

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